Data Platform Engineer

Your role description;

Data Platform Engineer will be responsible for building Enterprise data management platforms both on premise and in the cloud. It is expected that this engineer will architect and build out the core data platforms for the enterprise. This role will require an advanced skillset across a variety of technologies.


  • Install and configure Big Data Software Cluster e.g Cloudera, Spark, Nifi, Machine Learning¬† cluster, Azure HDI, Databricks, AWS EMR, Informatica
  • Integrate Big Data to Customer Enterprise System e.g AD/LDAP, Backup and Recovery System, Monitoring System, Enterprise Scheduler System, Load Balance system, BI System, Source system
  • Performance and workload configure as practice for software product.
  • Platform Security and Data security configuration e.g Setup User/group permission, Data Protection and masking, Encrypt/Decrypt
  • Work with a team of engineers and developers to deliver against the overall technology data strategy
  • Ensure enterprise data platforms are standardized, optimized, available, reliable, consistent, accessible and secure to support business and technology needs
  • Understand software product capability
  • Understand data related initiatives and engineer optimal designs and solutions

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