About us

MSyne Innovations is established in 2018 under MFEC Group. The milestone of MSyne Innovations is to be a top selection for Big Data and Data Analytics service provider.

Our Mission

Top 3 Selection in Big Data Solution and Data Analytics service provider

Our Vision

To be a leader of Big Data and Data Analytics service provider in SEA

Our Plan

Build awareness and service client as professional.


Our company is an expertise on Big Data solutions, we provide wide range and professional solutions to our clients.

End-To-End Data Analytics

Building Data Product rely on Data Framework to cover data collection, data transformation and data serving meet the business analytics needed

Advanced Analytic

Go throught deep analytics that are intended to give businesses greater insight.

Big Data Implementation

Empowerment of managing Data and put the power of analytics tools to get a better scope of view for business.


Data Intgration

The combination of technical and business processes used to combine data from disparate sources into meaningful and valuable information.

Teradata Solution

High-End data power processing enterprise grade for Big Data or Data Warehouse solution. Teradata achieve the data product outcome within SLA.

Deep Learning

Implementation of increasing the capability of AI to understand and dig deep through resources and gives a better knowledges to organization.

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349 SJ Infinite One Business Complex, Vibhabadi Rangsit Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok,10900, Thailand

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Msyne Innovation is established with the goal of to be leader in Big Data Solution and Advanced Analytics service provider.

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